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How to learn Persian (Farsi) online

Everybody talks about learning languages online, but does it really work? Here is the answer:

Yes, an online course, if designed and taught properly, can be almost as good as a face-to-face course, with the added advantage that you can have the class without ever leaving your home or office and wasting time in the traffic etc.

So how does the Online Course work?

Very simple. You just sit at your computer, put on your headset, and log into Skype. (There are other messaging services but Skype has the best sound quality.) It's like a language classroom (a private one of course). You and your teacher can speak with each other just like in a classroom. You can also type things for each other. You can even use an online whiteboard to draw pictures etc. You can do almost all of the standard activities of a language class: conversation, listening, reading and writing... all without ever leaving your home or office.

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Available Modules:
General Persian (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Conversation (listening and speaking)


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 Note 1: Each online session is 45 minutes.

 Note 2: If you are an old student of mine, you will have a 20% discount.

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